Thursday, June 22, 2006

Visual Rants

The usual topic here is broadcast news copy, which is heard but not seen. Still, it's worth noting: Spelling does count if the script you type into the newsroom computer system is the basis for closed-captioning or if it's incorporated into your station's website. To say nothing of supers and full-screen graphics.

I was reminded of this as I read something today by someone who knows the language well and still managed to write about people "who loath consumer culture." The word he intended here is "loathe." Which got me to thinking about the number of times I see the word "breath" (a noun, rhymes with "Seth") when the writer means "breathe" (a verb). I see it a lot. So consider this a friendly reminder to remember the difference.

I read something else today that got me wondering when exactly "healthcare" became one word. My 1992 American Heritage Dictionary considers it an acceptable alternative usage, and the Oxford American Dictionary on my computer considers it the primary usage, with the two-word "health care" secondary. But "healthcare" still looks strange to my fuddy-duddy eyes.


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